Flexxx, Silk Boss, Brii, Valiant, and Stalk Ashley All Bash Sting’s Promoters – Watch Videos

Sting organizers have been receiving backlash islandwide for having a poorly organized show. The event, highly advertised to make a massive return after almost a decade-long hiatus, did not live up to its reputation of being the greatest one-night dancehall and reggae show. Fans and entertainers have since been lashing out against the show.

Flexxx, a Gully Side artiste known for his song Killy Killy, went on a rant, calling out Sting promoters as gatekeepers who were ruining music. During his rant, he told the promoters to “stop the f*ckery” and chastised them for treating the artistes unfairly. “Unnuh nah do nothing fi artiste, a act unnuh a act and pretend. Artiste a do everything fi unnuh,” he said.

“A mash unnuh a mash up music and a try mek one quick money off a Sting this year,” he said, referring to Sting founder Isaiah Laing. He criticised the clash between A’mari and Queenie that went viral on social media for all its theatrics. He also questioned, “What is Sting without a Bounty Killer or a Beenie Man?”

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He noted that whilst Mavado and Kartel could not attend the event, there were still great artistes who could have taken the stage, such as Masicka. However, he highlighted that many of the young entertainers endorsing scamming and obeah lacked morals and stage presence.

According to Flexxx, Josef “Joe” Bogdanovich, the CEO of DownSound Entertainment, was the only reason why the last staging of Sting (in 2015) was possible because he paid whatever the entertainers charged. Laing, however, allegedly withheld some of the booking fees and then used his police associates to keep the entertainers quiet.

Watch the video below:

Also speaking out against the show is dancehall artiste Silk Boss, who made a post to his Instagram Story. Voicing his anger, he wrote, “Uno a nuh artist because sting just start keep back and some artist an dem waste mn friend f*ck up the event suck uno mada mi nu like uno.” He ended the post with red exclamation emojis and tagged his pregnant fiancee, Brii.

Brii, who attended the event and left quite disappointed, also shared her thoughts on the social media platform. “ALL A THE MAIN ARTSIT DEM NUH PERFORM TPC! This me come outside wid me belly fah kmt,” she wrote. She concluded the post with “Bun me YF,” accompanied by red exclamations.

Valiant, one of the most anticipated acts for Sting 2022, reacted to the event in a video with his crew. In the clip, he stated, “Sting is unprofessional, bro. That’s a joke thing.” He added that he and a fellow deejay did not get the opportunity to perform as they wanted.

He subsequently pointed out that there were “nuff superstar” on stage who did not get a chance to perform. Additionally, he made a post on Instagram, labelling Sting as a “big unorganized and unprofessional show.”

Dancehall singjay Stalk Ashley also briefly reacted to the event by calling Sting “embarrassing.”


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